22 Dec 2016

Is it safe to get a dental implant during pregnancy?

Dental implants are sometimes considered  an invasive surgery depending on the extremity of the tooth degradation. It is such a revolutionary advancement in the dental realm that it becomes such a big hit with most people. But what if you are pregnant? Will it be safe to undergo dental implant? Dentists often advise expecting mothers to undergo the treatment on their second or third trimester...

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13 Dec 2016

Improving Smiles One at a Time

Dentist in 92025 area is dedicated to improving patient smiles Patients interested in improving the health, appearance, and function of their smile need to work regularly with a dentist in the 92025 area. At Cali Dental, Drs. Rigoberto Cervantes, Manveen Boparai, and Alma Flores are dedicated to helping others with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures. Enhancing the smile with these procedures is second nature...

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21 Nov 2016

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

92025 Dentist Discusses Wisdom Teeth Extraction While not all patients will need their wisdom teeth removed, many who do wonder if it is medically necessary. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed in their teens, but many adults find themselves in need of a wisdom tooth extraction as well as there is not specific age they must be removed by. You will know when your wisdom...

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18 Nov 2016

A New Smile Isn’t Far Away

Escondido CA Area Dentist Describes the Benefits of Dentures   At Cali Dental, patients in the area of Escondido, California can work with a dentist who has their best interests at heart. When men and women come to our practice, they sometimes have questions regarding the best way to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can have a negative impact on many aspects of the smile,...

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19 Oct 2016

What Your Dental Exam Says About You

What your Dental Exam Maybe Saying about You You know you should see your dentist twice a year. Chances are you perceive your routine visits at our dental office in Escondido, CA as a method of quickly finding and repairing any small issues that may have developed since your last visit. The exam and cleaning that are performed should keep your smile in tip-top shape...

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06 Oct 2016

Treating Your Teeth and Toothbrush Right

Germ-Free Tools for an Elegant Smile The best dentists in Escondido at Cali Dental are equipped with all of the most modern equipment and state-of-the-art tools that we can utilize to keep your oral health at its peak. And while the average patient won’t have a ton of background knowledge on how to use these tools, what they do and when to use them- you...

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30 Sep 2016

Rediscover Your Best Smile after Tooth Loss

Your smile is something that you take along with you wherever you go. You always have. To that end, you may not have realized that this singular facial feature has had such an effect on your daily interactions – or on your confidence. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or how old you are, you deserve to have a healthy, attractive smile....

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16 Sep 2016

Save Your Smile with Endodontics

Protect Your Smile from Further Infections with a Root Canal Treatment at Your Dental Care in Escondido CA   Having dental pain can result in a number of different scenarios. Typically, most patients believe that they need a root canal and sometimes, that could be the best option. This treatment can save a tooth from an extraction and leave a patient with a full smile....

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12 Sep 2016

Why Oral Hygiene Matters

Cosmetic Dentist in Escondido CA Shares Information about Harmful Plaque   You may not believe that skipping a brushing and flossing session will affect your dental and oral health, but even though there won’t be any immediate repercussions, your smile could still be at risk. Your mouth is full of bacteria and can live in your mouth in the form of plaque, which causes cavities...

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25 Aug 2016

Create a Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures offered by dentist in 92025 area At Cali Dental, we want our patients to enjoy the benefits of not only a healthy smile, but a beautiful smile! Using some of today’s amazing dental advancements, our dentist in the 92025 area can assist patients in achieving their desired results. Quality staff members work closely with patients to determine what it is they would...

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