A denture is a removable apparatus used to replace missing teeth. They usually consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases and are available from your San Marcos dentist!

The two principle sorts of dentures include:

Complete Dentures:
Complete dentures are utilized when a patient needs every single tooth needs to be replaced. The dentures are intended to fit and look and feel like your natural teeth. They’re custom-made for every patient, since no two smiles are alike!

Partial Dentures:
Partial dentures are utilized when there are no less than one or more teeth that are staying in your jawline. For this situation, a partial denture is made to fill in the empty and vacant spaces to make your smile look natural in the best way possible. A partial denture may have a metal framework and clasps that connect to your teeth or they can have other tooth or gum-colored connectors that are more natural looking.

Crowns on your teeth are sometimes needed to improve the fit of a removable partial denture and they are usually required with attachments. Partial dentures with precision attachments generally cost more than those with clasps, but they are much more cosmetic and stable, which is why they are highly recommended.